Can I use my own custom recipes?



Anyone with a free account can enter custom foods and recipes for use in their plans. You can build custom recipes using our USDA ingredients, so you only need to know the amounts of each ingredient in order to get detailed nutritional info.

Tip: This is a great way to look at the nutritional content of your family recipes and determine whether or not to include them in your meal plans.


Just Hit the "Search foods" button on the planner page, which will open up the "Food bank" sidebar.

Then click the "Custom recipes" tab, and you will have the option to add new recipes as well as browse recipes you have already entered or personalized.


Once you've created a recipe, you can drag it from the sidebar into any meal, include it in your recurring foods lists, or just wait for the generator to reccommend it.


If you want the recipe to show up more regularly, add it as a recurring food in a specific meal and have it show up either "often" or "always".

See the Recurring Foods FAQ for more details


Note: If you modify an existing recipe via the "Personalize this recipe" button on a recipe's page, your personal recipe will replace the original recipe in your generator.


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