Changing the number of meals

There are two ways to change the number of meals on Eat This Much.

1. If you're using the weekly planner, the easiest way to do this is via the "Weekly planner layout" page.


On the weekly layout page, you can customize how many meals there are on each day, and even set different meals to appear from day to day (in case you want longer cook time on some days, like for your weekend meals).

       [ TIP ] - Want to set up your weekly layout for a carb cycling routine? See here:

Once you set up the layout, to make your meal plans reflect the new layout, go back to the diet planner page and hit "Regenerate entire week...". Select the weeks you want to regenerate, and then they'll match the structure of your weekly layout templates.


2. The second way to customize the number of meals is directly on the planner.


Changing the number of meals here will only change that specific day's meal plan. If you regenerate the week, it will go back to reflecting whatever number of meals you have in the Weekly Planner Layout page.