What happened to the food locks?

Although the familiar lock icon is no longer a part of the site, it has been replaced with the 'recurring foods' lists - allowing more control over variety than was possible with the lock button.


The old lock functionality "I want this recipe in this meal every time" can be achieved by setting any recipe to 'always', like the Keto Bagel in this example Breakfast

With this setting everytime the breakfast meal is regenerated 1 Keto Bagel will be included, and this will apply to all meals set to 'Breakfast'.

Want items to recur on only certain days of the week, or have the same 2 foods alternate from day to day during the week?

You can do this by creating a different meal type for each seperate food. For example you could get the same sandwich Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with randomly selected sides by setting that sandwhich to recur always during lunch. Create a "Lunch 2" meal with different settings and set that for the remaining days of the week.

With a little work the list system allows a kind of 'controlled variety' that is usually more preferable that a truly random meal plan.

Want to stop the planner from adding foods NOT on your lists?

Just check off the "Only use recurring food in this meal" checkbox. You can see it on either the recurring foods page or by clicking the meal's name in the meal plan and editing the meal's settings.

Why don't you have the food locks anymore?

The recurring foods can also be set to show up "often", which adds a huge amount of flexibility to them. If you add a bunch of foods to show up "often" (ideally at least 10-15), and then tell the generator to only use recurring foods, you can completely customize the set of foods the generator will use and have full control over the results.


Most people on a strict nutrition plan control the variety of foods they consume to avoid slip ups and save time. Although we'd ultimately like to solve that problem, the recurring foods lists will allow you to generate many different meal plans from foods of your choice, instead of all the available foods.


This should be especially useful for people with very severe allergies or other food sensitivities and dietary restriction.