Setting up Recurring Foods

Recurring foods lists allow you to control how often certain recipes will appear in each meal.

Click the orange 'Recurring Foods' Button at the top of the screen to view your lists

 On this screen you can see the recurring foods list for all your meal types, allowing you to move recipes between lists, and add items using the search bar.


Drag recipes from the side bar to add them to the appropriate list. 

Tip: Foods can be set as Favorites with a single click for easy access when organizing your lists. See How to add custom foods for more details on using your own recipes and Restaurant & Prepackaged Foods for tips on incorporating branded foods from your favorite places to shop and dine out.


Set any meals you don't want suggestions for to "Only Use Recurring foods". Good examples are protein or meal replacement shakes, prepackaged breakfasts foods, and meals you tend to dine out for.

Tip: If you already know what you want to eat, this option will let you match those recipes to a variety of different nutrition targets.



Next determine if there are any foods that you want to be included every time this meal is regenerated. Set these foods to 'always' recur using the drop down menu.

Tip: This is equivalent to the old lock feature from


The above settings in action:


You will notice that not all of the recurring foods from the list were used, this is because none of the other ones fit my current nutrition targets. Personalize the recipes or adjust your targets to fix this.