You can access almost all of your client's preferences and meal plans from your main account, so it's not longer necessary to switch to their accounts to make meal plans for them. If you do want to switch into your client accounts, the option is still there. 

All of your Pro tools are now available in 2 tabs:

The Manage clients tab

This combines everything about the previous "Manage clients" and "Add/remove" clients tabs. 

  • You can send clients invites to create their accounts themselves, or add them manually.
  • You'll see an overview of their current diet type and average nutrition targets.
  • From the "Actions" menu on a client, you can edit all of their settings, and you can create, copy, and email plans to them.
  • If the user is tracking their meals with the "I ate this" checkboxes, you can view graphs of their progress and adherence.

The Meal Plans tab

This combines everything from the old "Send plan emails", "Create plan pdfs", and "Saved meal plans" tabs.

  • It will now list any meal plans that are currently on your client accounts!
  • You can search and filter the list of plans, and then you have the option to copy plans from one user to another, or edit them directly.
  • You can directly create a saved plan for a user (or yourself) if you hit the "Create new meal plan" button at the top (previously, you had to first create a plan in your calendar). When you do, you can choose the number of days, and then choose to use the settings from one of your clients or your own account.
  • While working on a saved meal plan, you can edit the settings for the client you're making the plan for at the top of the planner page.


Other changes

  • "You" are listed as a client in your client and meal plan lists. This does not count towards your number of clients, but can be helpful for testing out client features on yourself before doing anything with your client accounts. It also makes it a little more clear that the planner and preferences under "Your ETM Account" in the sidebar is more for experimentation now.
  • Your Recipe Collections are now visible on your clients' Collections pages (either assuming they have the login, or you're impersonating their account).
  • We have removed the "Email-only" clients. This type of clients wasn't very useful since they couldn't have custom preferences, and was functionally no different than just sending a meal plan PDF from your own email.
  • The "Food Search" sidebar is tucked away under the "Food" menu in the navigation sidebar. This is for organizational reasons, but if it turns out to be too annoying, we may move it back to the main menu.