If your clients log in to Eat This Much, you may not want them to be able to change certain things, especially if you put time into making their meal plans ~just right~.

You can choose which features are available to them when you manually create a client, and also in the client's "Edit Settings" popup from your client dashboard. Here are two screenshots to tell you how to find it:





To clarify some of the options:

Less commonly used features -- this includes Recurring Foods, copy meal, swap meal, manually adding leftovers, and some of the sidebar sections (recurring foods, collections, and the food browser)

Editing settings -- unchecking this will prevent the user from changing anything in their Preferences or on their user account, but they can still update their weight for tracking.

Here are some common use cases:

  • If you don't want your clients to be able to change anything, and basically just have their account be "read-only", uncheck all of the boxes.
  • If you still want to allow your client to track their intake, but not accidentally regenerate any plans you made for them, keep "Allow adding and deleting foods", but uncheck the rest. Note: If you want your client to create blank days to log their intake into, also add "Allow saving, loading, and creating plans".
  • Maybe you just want to prevent your client from accidentally regenerating meals you create for them, but leave everything else open. Just uncheck "Allow regenerating weeks/days/meals" and "Allow regenerating foods". Then they can still find meal swaps via the "List alternative meals" option in the 3-dot menus, which is enabled by the "Allow less commonly used features" checkbox, and also track intake if they go off-plan.