The goal with the new "Manage clients" section was to combine the "Manage clients" and "Add/remove clients" sections in the old version and create a single location for all client actions.

1.  Adding Users




There are three ways to add users to your account all accessible via these buttons at the top of the page:

  • Inviting via an email 
  • Inviting via a hyperlink
  • Creating the account directly yourself

Inviting users via an email

Clicking "Invite User" will open up a modal.  In the middle you can enter the emails you wish to invite.  At the bottom will be a preview of the invite email that will get sent which you can personalize.  When someone clicks on the link in the email, if that person already has an ETM account it will link that account to yours, otherwise it will prompt them to create an account.

After inviting users via email those invites will show up in the "Your account invites" section where you can manage them.

Inviting users via a hyperlink

Clicking "Invite User" will open up a modal.  At the top will be a unique link similar to

that you can share with others.  If that person already has an ETM account it will link that account to yours, otherwise it will prompt them to create an account. (Your link will have your account username instead of test_pro)

Once they have visited your invite link and either logged in or created an account, you will need to approve their account in the "Pending account requests" section.

Creating the account directly yourself

Clicking "Create user" will open up a modal where you can create a new ETM account yourself by specifying the username, email, and temporary password.  If you select "Welcome Email" it will send an email to the address you specified with login information and that user will be forced to choose a new password after logging in. 

2.  Pending account requests

This section shows users that have visited your join hyperlink and are waiting to be approved.  Click "Accept new account" to begin managing their accounts or deny if you don't recognize them.


3.  Your account invites


This section shows all of the users you've invited via email and the date you last invited them.  You can choose to delete invites or resend an invite email.

4.  Client accounts

This section lists all the accounts you are currently managing.  You can use the filter box at the top to find users with specific usernames or emails.

Here's what each column in the table means:

  • User - displays the username ("You" for your own account) and email of the client
  • Time since last login - number of days since this client has last logged into their account
  • Diet type - this user's current diet type - either anything/keto/paleo/mediterranean/vegetarian/vegan.  This is shown to help group and identify users
  • Nutrition targets - This is a summary of the nutrition targets currently being used for this user.  If different nutrition profiles are being used for different days of the week, this summary will indicate how many targets are being used and will average those targets.
  • Actions - this dropdown is where you can edit settings, create meal plans, email, and stop managing users

The "You" User

We list your own account first and in bold and it functions slightly differently than your other client accounts.  Choosing edit your preferences will open the same screen as clicking "Preferences" in the sidebar.  

You can use your account to store generic meal plans that you intend to send to multiple clients and email yourself meal plans to test how they look before sending them to your clients.

Client Users

These users are separate ETM accounts from your own that you have access to as their manager.  Here's an explanation of each action:

  • Edit settings - this will open a modal where you can edit nearly all meal planning settings for this user, allowing you to automate generating meal plans that are fully customized to that user.  For an in depth explanation of all settings click here.
  • View stats - this will show graphs for this user's weight tracking and calorie tracking.
  • Create meal plan - this will open a modal to create a new meal plan from scratch using this user's settings, and save the plan to their account.
  • Copy meal plan - this will open a modal to create an exact copy of a meal plan to this user's account.  Any changes made to the plan after copying will user this user's settings.
  • Email meal plan - this will open a modal to email a meal plan to this user.
  • Switch to this user's account - this will switch to this user's account temporarily as if you had logged in as them allowing you complete access to their account.  
  • Stop managing - this will disconnect the account from yours.  This account will lose access to premium features unless they are also subscribed.