Every week, we generate your weekly meal plan on the day before your grocery shopping day. We also update your grocery list to match those new plans, and send you an email with the plans and groceries.


Changing the plans in your grocery list

Expand the left sidebar from the menu button at the top left of the site and click "Groceries." On the Groceries page, you can then click on the calendar button to change the dates that your grocery list pulls from:



You can also make manual changes to the foods and amounts in your grocery list, but changing the dates will reset it to match the plans (even if you just reset it to the same dates).


How to use the grocery list

Your grocery list will show you exactly how much of each ingredient is needed to follow the meal plans. After you go grocery shopping, move the stuff you bought from the grocery list to the pantry.

The ingredient amounts we ask you to buy reflect the quantity used in the plan, so if you want the Pantry to have a totally accurate record, you can adjust the amount in the pantry to match the package size you bought (we're working on getting accurate package size data so this happen automatically).


Some of the ingredients are slightly different in my grocery list than my meal plans

We make some conservative ingredient substitutions to keep the size of your grocery list down. If your plans have both chunky and smooth peanut butter, we'll combine them to just a single type (probably chunky ;). Feel free to substitute things as you purchase them too - things like different types of breads or oils, or even different types of fish, can frequently be substituted in the recipes without changing up the nutrition values too much.


How does the pantry system work?

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