There are a few ways to modify your nutrition targets. Maybe your goals have changed, or you want to try a new macronutrient split. Here's how:


1. Directly in your plan

Click the Nutrition Details at the top of a day in your plan to open the day's nutrition summary:



That'll open up a window with details on your day's nutrition stats, as well as a description of the nutrition targets the generator is aiming for:

Click the "Edit" button to make changes to the nutrition profile for that day. This doesn't let you switch Nutrition Profiles, just make edits, so if you want to do that, use the Edit Week button instead.


2. In the Weekly Layout of the planner

The main way to edit your Nutrition Targets or rearrange your meal types is in the Weekly Layout. You can access it directly from the planner via the Layout button in the top right corner of the site:


That will take you to a page with the layout of your week. Click the title of the nutrition profile in your week to edit it, change it, or create new ones:


Once you make changes, click the "Apply changes to calendar meal plans" button at the bottom of the layout to save it to your existing meal plans. The changes to your layout in your week will apply once a new week is generated in your plan or if you regenerate your current week's plan manually.