After almost two years of development, we've finally released the new Eat This Much mobile apps! There aren't a huge number of differences between the new and old apps, but we rebuilt it from the ground up to be faster, more stable, and allow us to add new features in the future much more easily.

If you're used to the old app, a few things have moved around:

  • Recurring Foods & Collections: This used to have a dedicated page, but now your list of recurring items lives in each meal's settings. You can access the Meal Settings either from the Preferences page, or via the 3-dot menu on meals in your plan.
  • Swipe to refresh: We removed the ability to swipe foods and meals to regenerate them. This caused a lot of accidental regenerates, sometimes on meals that you had already purchased groceries for! We simplified it to a "list alternatives" option on meals and foods, and you can still regenerate entire days and weeks for a good starting point.
  • Food search: We moved the food search to its own tab in the bottom navigation. You can select multiple foods at a time to add to a meal plan, to a collection, or to set as explicitly recurring foods.
  • Favorites: These are now treated as a "Collection". The experience of adding foods to collections is much more straightforward than it used to be, and you can easily add to any collection from a food page (with the "Save" button) or the search page (select some items and hit "Add").


There are a lot of new additions and improvements as well:

  • Week view of your meal plans
  • Offline usable grocery list (though you'll still need to download it with a connection)
  • Easy meal & day copying
  • Weight tracking
  • Create leftovers within the plan
  • View multiple photos per recipe

With this new app, it will be much easier and faster to add new features, so keep an eye out as we make updates!