If you're used to the interface from the old ETM website, it can take a bit of getting used to the new one. Worry not, as almost everything that was in the old one is still there. Here's a breakdown of the changes:


The Food Bank and your Custom Recipes

To open the Food Bank, simply click the "Search foods" input in the navigation sidebar. If you type in a query, it will now search all of our categories, and you can change which categories are searched by clicking the filters at the top of the food bank.

If you just want to search your custom recipes (or custom foods, or favorites), click the 3-dot button at the top right of the food bank, and select what you want to search.

Plan stats

You can view your plan stats by clicking the little pie chart at the top of each day's meal plan. This will expand some details about the your plan's nutrition totals and your targets.

Changing meal types or nutrition profiles

If you used to frequently change nutrition profiles or meal types on a day-to-day basis, this is unfortunately a little trickier now. With the old interface, users would frequently change these for their current plan, and then be confused when the changes wouldn't apply to the future plans. To remedy this, all changes to your meals and nutrition profiles should be done through the big orange "Edit week" button in the top right. Once you make a change, click the "Apply to current and future plans" button to update your existing meal plans.

If you want to change meal types or profile for just a single day, and not future meal plans, there's a workaround you can do. Click the "Edit week" button, make the one-off change that you want, then click "apply". This will change your meal plans. Then undo that change in your weekly layout, but don't click apply, and meal plans that get generated in the future will be back with the old settings.

Multi-day planner

This is the most noticeable change. The wider your screen, the more meal plans get displayed. A browser window at a 1080p width will show 3 days of meal plans, or with a 4k screen, you can show a full week. We've wanted this for a long time, and we think planning a day of meals is way easier when you can see what comes before and after. However, if you're used to seeing a single day at a time, the new interface can be a little overwhelming. We're planning to add some options to change how many days are visible at a time (similar to a calendar app).


Some other changes that you might be looking for:

Blocked foods

We replaced the block with a "Thumbs down" button. To see it, click a food's image or name in your meal plan to open up the food details, and then it's in a row of buttons across the top. There's also a new "thumbs up" button that tells us you like a food, and we're starting to use these thumb ratings to suggest more appealing meal plans.

Favorites / hearts

Favorites are now represented by a "star" icon. We felt this made it a little more distinguishable from the thumbs up, and makes it a little more clear that the main functionality is to add it to your favorites list.