The basic Eat This Much account is free and lets you plan the current day's meals, create your own custom recipes, like/dislike recipes to refine your tastes, and track your intake to make sure you're on track to reach your goals.

With an Eat This Much Premium account, you get:

Automatic weekly meal planning

As a subscriber, our automatic weekly meal planner will email you a full meal plan and grocery list with foods and recipes that match your personal nutrition targets, food tastes, schedule, and budget. Then just go grocery shopping, follow the recipes, and reach your weight goals. It will even tell you when to save and eat leftovers.

Automatically plans leftovers

You can have the planner carry over a recipe from one meal into another the next day. This is useful if you want to eat your dinner from the previous day as lunch the next day (if you want to take something to work without having to prepare anything extra, for example). Leftovers are a great timesaving technique and you can reheat great meals in no time.

You can also select a recipe and manually place leftovers for any day in the 

A customizable meal plan template for every day of the week

Want to eat the same steak dinner every Monday? Or do you have extra time to cook breakfast during the weekend? Every day of the week can be customized with its own unique set of meal types and recurring foods. You can even make sure you're eating more calories or carbs on your workout days by giving different days different nutrition profiles.

Family meal planning

In the "Meal type" settings (found by clicking a meal's name in your meal plan, or in the "Edit Week" menu), you can scale up certain meals for extra people. This will multiply the ingredients that get added to your grocery by the amount selected, so you know you'll have enough food to feed everyone.

If your other family members want to hit different nutrition targets, we don't specifically target their needs at the same time, but there are some strategies you can use to make sure everyone is eating about the right amount (see our help article here).

How much is it?

Eat This Much Premium is currently $5/month with an annual membership, or $14.99 month-to-month. It comes with a free 14 day trial, and no questions asked 30 day refund guarantee (just send us an email). .