"Edit Mode" - Instead of the food search sidebar, use this to add/remove foods and changes amounts in your meals. You can toggle it from the 3-dot menu on your meals or day plans, or the orange "Edit" button in the top right corner.

Recurring foods - These are now located on the settings for each individual Meal Type (similar to the mobile app).

Meal and Day Notes - You can add personal notes to any meal or day.

Drag to Copy - As you drag+drop a food in your plan, you can hold down the Ctrl or Command key to copy it instead of moving it.

Dark Mode - If your OS is set to dark mode, the app will automatically switch to dark mode.

Mobile Compatibility - It's much more usable on your phone now, including the Professional version.


You might ask, why are we messing with the existing site at all? There are a lot of improvements we've been wanting to add, but the codebase is almost a decade old at this point, and web technologies have evolved a lot since we started. Rather than continue bolting things onto our rusty codebase, we started from scratch using the lessons we learned along the way. Our goal isn't to significantly change how you use the site, more to make it easier for us to add new features in the future, and to be more stable and bug-free.

With your feedback, we want to make sure we don't put out any of our dedicated users that have supported us on the way here. Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] if you have something to share :)