Sometimes the generator will give you a plan with an empty meal, and no matter how many times you reshuffle, it won't put any foods into it.

The most common reason for this is that we don't have any recipes that fit your filters for that meal. We're always adding new recipes to the generator, so this should be less and less of a problem over time, but until then, here are some suggestions for things that you can do to increase your recipe selection:

  • Breakfasts are a common culprit for this, usually because you'll have the setting "Only use breakfasty foods" for that meal (this is the default, and you can change it by clicking the meal's name). Try switching it off, and seeing what new variety you get.
  • Try making some of your other filters less strict - play around with your meal complexity, allowed budget, and food preferences, and then regenerate the plan to see how the variety changes.
  • If none of those suggestions work for you, the fail-safe option is always to use Recurring Foods. Whenever the generator isn't recommending foods you like (or no foods at all), you can select a handful of dishes you'd like for a meal and set them as Recurring Foods. Then if you check "only use recurring foods in this meal", you get total control over the generator suggesitons.