• --- NOTE: When you enter a "Custom Recipe", you choose the ingredients in the recipe, and the nutrition is automatically calculated. A "Custom Food" lets you just enter the nutrition information, and Custom Foods can be used as ingredients in Custom Recipes ---

One of the most powerful features of Eat This Much is the ability to enter your own recipes, and our generator will automatically incorporate them into your plans (if they fit with your nutrition targets).


On the website: Open the Food Search by clicking the box in the navigation sidebar:



Then click the 3-dot menu in the food search to show more options:



After you click on "Custom Recipes" or "Custom Foods," from there you can click "+New food" or "+New recipe" to add a new Custom Food or Recipe:


You can also import recipes from your other websites with our Chrome Extension, or by copying and pasting a URL into our recipe editor.



If you modify an existing recipe via the "Personalize this recipe" button on a recipe's page, your personal recipe will replace the original recipe in your generator.

If you want the recipe to show up more regularly, add it as a recurring food in a specific meal and have it show up either "often" or "always".

The generator will automatically use your Custom Recipes, but not your Custom Foods. If you would like the generator to use your custom foods, add them as recurring foods.



On the app: Tap "Search" at the bottom of the screen, then tap "+ Create recipe or food" to add a new custom recipe or custom food to your food bank.








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