Collections can be used to organize your foods and recipes, and to share them with others if you'd like, too!

-To create a Collection, click on "Collections" in the left sidebar of the site to visit the Collections page, then scroll down and click on the blue "+Create new collection" button under My Collections:


On the popup that appears you will be able to name your Collection and write a short description for it. Once you save this, you will be able to add any foods and recipes you'd like to it from the food bank via "Search Foods" in the left sidebar of the site or from the "Browse Foods" tool.


-To share a Collection, when viewing it click on the "Share Link" button to copy the URL and share with others. (see image below) 

-To follow a Collection, when viewing it click on the "Follow" button to add it to your list of saved Collections. Whenever a Collection that you follow is updated by its creator you will see those updates reflected when you view it.



***Tip: If you select "Copy Foods to a Collection" from the 3-dot menu button when viewing a Collection, this will allow you to select whatever foods and recipes you like from that Collection and create your own Collection from those foods. (See image below.) This comes in handy if a Collection has a few foods that don't particularly fit into your specific diet that you'd like to leave out.***



-To use a Collection in your meal plans, when viewing the Collection you wish to use, first hit the Follow button to add them to your list of saved Collections. Then hit the “Add to Meal Type” button, which will let you pick a Meal Type (like Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) to add it to.


What this does is add the Collection as a “Recurring Collection,” which will tell the generator to use these recipes more often in the meal plans. However, it will still incorporate recipes from the rest of our database, which brings us to the next step.

If you wish to have that meal type only use the Collection(s) you've added to it, then next head to the Recurring Foods page of the planner via the "Recurring Foods" button at the left sidebar of the site. Scroll to the meal type you’re working on, and check off the box for “Only use recurring foods for this meal." This will restrict the generator to only using specific foods and Collections you’ve added here when creating your meal plans. 

***Note: when adding a Collection to your Recurring Foods lists, your food exclusions and diet type will apply to the foods from the collection.***

Once you’ve set that up, regenerate your week (or just some of your meals), and the generator will use your updated settings.

For more info on Recurring Foods, check out our FAQ page here: