If you're trying to bulk up, you might be looking for meal plans in the 2500 to 3000 calorie range (for example). When you ask the planner for really high calorie meals, it can often double up on servings of things that, realistically, might be pretty hard to eat a lot of.

How can we make the meals easier to eat? The best thing thing to do is add something that's high calories that you can keep down easily as a recurring food. For example, I add one or two cups of whole milk to each of my meals and set them to recur "always". This adds a lot of calories to my meals and makes me much less likely to feel overstuffed.

I also have a pretty hearty post-workout shake that has about 1000 calories and a ton of protein. I set this to recur "always" in my post workout meal, and because it fills up a significant proportion of my nutrition requirements for the day, the rest of my automatically generated meals are much more manageable (and more flexible). To make this work best, create a new meal type specifically for that post-workout shake, and then set the meal to "only use recurring foods". Otherwise, it might add other dishes to the meal that you don't want.


Recurring foods also work well for low calorie meal plans, but you probably won't be using them for the purpose of feeling less overstuffed (which can be a real problem for many people who have a hard time gaining weight). Most people tend to eat similar things for certain meals on a day to day basis, and the idea behind recurring foods is to let you tell the planner about those things. The less you have to stretch your habits to follow a meal plan, the more likely you are to stick to it.