We offer both free and premium accounts. The free account offers you the power to generate one day of meal plans at time, as well as track your intake. The premium subscription lets you plan the next weeks of meals with our smarter weekly-generator, as well as create grocery lists and send your grocery list to Instacart for delivery. All for just $5/month!

All the features:

For free:

- Customize the generator with your nutrition targets, budget, and cook times

- Follow any kind of diet you like, customize your food tastes

- Track your intake. Search for what you ate and add it to the plan

- Create unlimited custom recipes and custom foods

- Save favorites, set recurring foods, and rate foods with thumbs up/down to improve your suggestions



- Automatically generate your next week's meal plan, receive it with an email

- Instant grocery lists for your meal plan

- Export your grocery list to Instacart for delivery

- Automatic pantry tracking to reduce waste

- Automatic leftovers meal planning

- Print/email meal plans

- Save an unlimited number of meal plans

- The Family-scale setting will impact the number of ingredients in your grocery list