How do I automate Leftovers?

Leftovers are a great way to simplify grocery lists and prepare yourself to eat healthy when you have less time to cook.

To set leftovers, click the "Settings" menu and select Leftovers. Then check the 'enable leftovers box' and select the meal you will cook and the meal that will contain leftovers.

Our current leftovers system only enables placing leftovers from one day to the next, and only the weekly plan generator will place them automatically (so only when you say "Regenerate entire week" as opposed to the single-day Regenerate). This is something we're planning to improve soon, along with more ways to stretch the leftovers out over the course of the week.

Tips: Create seperate meal types (Weekend Lunch, Leftovers breakfast, etc etc) if you want to restrict them to certain days of the week.


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