How do I create meal plans?

You can create meal plans for specific clients by heading to All Saved Plans tab in the sidebar -> Create meal plan -> select a client from the dropdown.  You can create generic meal plans by creating the plan on "your account", and then you can copy it to a specific client later.
See this article for more info about creating meal plans.

How do I add clients?

You can add clients by heading to Clients tab in the sidebar and choosing "Invite user" or "Create user" at the top right.  
See this article for more info about managing clients.

How do I email meal plans?

You can either find the client you wish to email in Clients  or find the plan you wish to email in Meal Plans and choose the email action.  
See the bottom of this article for more info about the email plan options.

Will I have watermarks on my PDFs with the Professional plan?

No, subscribing to the Pro plan removes all watermarks and ETM logos from your PDFs. We will automatically place your logo on the PDFs in place of where the ETM logo would be.


See more details on the Professional plans here: