Leftovers are a great way to simplify grocery lists and prepare yourself to eat healthy when you have less time to cook.

To enable leftovers (this is a Premium-only feature), open the left sidebar of the site by clicking the menu button at the top, then scroll down and click "Meal Settings" and then "Leftovers." Then toggle the "use leftovers patterns" to on and set up a Leftovers pattern

As you modify the leftovers pattern, a preview will update to show you how leftovers will be created and used throughout the week. You can have as many leftovers patterns as you like, but a meal can only be linked with a single leftovers pattern at a time.


- The 'How many recipes to prepare?' option indicates the number of dishes that will be planned for these leftovers meals. Setting this to 1 will only generate a single main dish for these meals, while setting this to 2 or more will allow the generator more flexibility to include side dishes and overall improved variety for these meals.

- If you need to set up a more complex pattern with alternating days or otherwise restrict your leftovers to certain days of the week, you can add new meal settings to customize this in your layout. For example, if you create a "Leftovers Dinner" meal and input this into MWF, any leftovers pattern set to prepare leftovers for those meals will be placed on alternating days as indicated in your layout instead of automatically flowing forward to the next day in your plan. You can see more about editing your meal layout here: Customizing the number of meals and layout


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